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Nicholas Bottone

Welcome to my personal website

Second Robotics

Online simulated robotics tournaments with real-time multiplayer.

Code Clash

A thrilling competitive computer science competition for high school students.

Second Flame


Virtual simulator competitions using the xRC simulator

Second Robotics is a group that runs regular events on the xRC platform. Second Robotics is dedicated to offering high-quality simulated robotics competitions featuring everything that people love about in-person robotics tournaments, including qualification matches, alliance selection, and elimination playoffs.

Based on robotics games from FRC, FTC, and VEX, the xRC Simulator replicates the games in a fun, free-to-play, physics-based environment.  Play multiplayer with your friends on a private server, or join one of our championships to claim yourself an SRC blue banner!

Learn more about xRC Simulator and Second Robotics at our website below. Web Design & Hosting

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My Skills


Java | Python | TypeScript | JavaScript | HTML | C++ | Go


React | Node.js | Express | Django | WordPress | Android


Premiere Pro & Illustrator | GIMP | Microsoft Office | Git | OBS | VSCode | IntelliJ


Windows | Debian | WSL

My Projects





Code Clash
Code Clash teams working together

What is Code Clash?

A competition that combines computer science, problem solving, and teamwork.

Teams of four high school students compete in a challenging time-limited tournament to put their computer science skills to the test.

Competitors are tasked with a series of algorithmic challenges of varying difficulty, while having fewer than three hours to come up with their solutions. Programmers of all skill levels compete in Code Clash, as there is something for everyone.

The inaugural Code Clash event took place in 2019, and the future of Code Clash is currently in planning!  Read about Code Clash 2019 in the newspaper!

Contact me

Connect with me on LinkedIn, check out my GitHub profile, or shoot me an email at [email protected].